Ðåvid Whittøn

cigarette halos, sages, animated parcels of matter

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Hundreds of miles of desolate monotonous burnt-up steppe cannot induce such deep depression as one man when he sits and talks, and one does not know when he will go.

Freehand Books Tour: Calgary, November 16, 2011

Beside me in the back seat, among the laundry and the magazines and the half-gone case of beer, was my old friend Errol Salter. He sat blank-faced, Zen-like, staring at the palm of his hand, which he held up in front of his face. “So this is how I die,” he said.

Freehand Books Tour: Winnipeg, November 14, 2011

My mom would have been thrilled and amazed to see something like this.

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